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Character name: James Potter
Canon: Harry Potter
Canon point: During his seventh year at Hogwarts.

All OOC things and then some are listed here!

Hugging this character: Yep!
Kissing this character: Of course!
Flirting with this character: Of course!
Fighting with this character: Yes!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): You may injure him but not to the point of death.

Killing this character: Nope.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes.

Warnings: Using magic.


Aug. 27th, 2013 08:09 am
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This is my first time at playing James Potter, so any constructive criticism would be more than welcome! Comments are screened and anonymous should be on.
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Name: Linden
Age: 27
Personal Journal: N/A
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Name: James Potter
Canon: Harry Potter
Age: 17
Timeline: During the Marauder era. During James's Seventh year at Hogwarts.
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: N/A


Lily: "You think you're funny, but you're just an arrogant, bullying toerag, Potter. Leave him alone."

James: "I will if you go out with me, Evans. Go on, go out with me and I will never lay a wand on old Snivelly again."

Lily: "I wouldn't go out with you if it were a choice between you and the giant squid!"
— James and Lily in their fifth year.

James can come across as a rather arrogant and self-centred boy, as most will come to find out. He is a pure-blooded wizard, born to rich parents, so his arrogance may be born from that. He often picks on other students for a laugh, especially Severus Snape, James's arch rival. He can bit a bit of a bully and use his popularity against others. He usually hangs around his best friend, Sirius Black and his other two friends, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Having the gang of "Marauders" makes James think he has an heir of authority over others. Having his friends around him makes him feel slightly invincible and over-inflates his ego some. That is one thing James Potter is know for. His ego.

His ego aside, James values loyalty and friendship above everything else. He is hardly ever seen alone, as he favours to stick by Sirius, his best friend. Him and Sirius are the main trouble-makers, as Remus and Peter steer clear mostly. Sirius was disowned from his family when he was sixteen, as he didn't agree with their "pure-blood mania." They wanted to fashion Sirius into the perfect model of a son, like his brother, Regulus. Sirius had none of it and James allowed Sirius to stay with him permanently, like a member of the Potter family. James accepted Sirius into his family like a brother and brought their bond even closer together.

If anything happened to any of his friends, he would stick by and defend them. He has a deep crush on fellow Gryffindor student, Lily Evans. Severus Snape, his arch rival, once insulted Lily deeply, by calling her a "Mud-blood." It means "dirty blood." Someone who was born to Muggle parents and not magical ones. James immediately jumped to her rescue and hexed Severus. One of the main reasons he jumped to her aid as he did, was because of his love for her. Throughout most of his school years, Lily Evans caused a deep infatuation in James Potter. He would stalk the corridors and Quidditch pitch, trying to ask her out on a date. Usually, he ended up with her shoving him off or just scowling at him. One thing James Potter is good with is perseverance. He isn't one to give up that easily, when his heart and soul goes into it.

One incident caused controversy around Hogwarts, was when a stunt performed by Sirius Black, nearly cost Severus Snape his life. James showed an act of heroism by rescuing his arch rival from the Whomping Willow. Remus Lupin was a werewolf in secret and for many months had to have his medicine delivered to him by the school's nurse. The place where the medicine was delivered was inside the Whomping Willow. Snape decided to follow, but was nearly crushed to death, as he touched the knot on the tree. Sirius had told Snape to touch the knot to get in, but the knot activated the tree to come alive. James saw the encounter and quickly came to his aide, rescuing him from the Willow's branches. This was one of James's most famous acts of bravery.

James is a good duellist and when he is not mucking around with his friends, he is a hard-working individual. He sometimes lets his pranks and bad behaviour mask his true self. He is actually a very intelligent boy, who actually becomes Head Boy in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Before being Head Boy, he became a Prefect. This shows that James does actually have an honest and hard-working head on him. James studied to become an Animagus, whilst at Hogwarts. A wizard who can turn into an animal at will. It was very advanced magic and he mainly did this, along with Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black, so he could accompany Remus Lupin, when he transformed into a werewolf. He spent many years trying to perfect his Animagus form, which was in the form of a stag. He gained the nick-name "Prongs." Both his Animagus and Patronus were a stag.

James may come across as rather geeky, since he is tall and wears round glasses. He likes ruffle his un-tidy hair where possible, as he wants Lily Evans to look at him. He has a self-conscience about how he looks and how others perceive him. The ruffling of the hair is to make it look like he's just gotten off his broom from Quidditch. He is a skilled Chaser on the pitch, so likes to think others around the school admire him for his skill. Again, this is his ego coming into play here. What would scare James the most is if one of his friends were killed or died. Remus Lupin, being a werewolf, cannot control himself once he's transformed. At the back of his mind is always the thought of "what if" Remus attacks any of them. Becoming an Animagus helped solved the problem, as Remus won't attack another animal, only a human. This was partly why Sirius, James and Peter all became Animagi, to be with their friend during transformations.

James is a pure-blooded wizard but he doesn't not believe it makes him any higher than anyone else. Some wizards believe that having pure-blood makes them elitist in a way. Most of these are Slytherin students. James doesn't agree with the way Muggle-borns and half-bloods are treated by some pure-blood wizards. Sirius is a pure-blood like James and doesn't agree with the supremacy either. This is partly why both James and Sirius are friends, as they think along the same lines regarding blood prejudices. Remus Lupin is a half-blood and werewolf, so has a lot of prejudice on him. James has a stout heart and will defend his friends against anything that comes their way.

Background: Here: and Here:


James has an extraordinary ability for landing himself in trouble. Along with his best friend, Sirius Black, he is never very far from earning himself detention. He likes to think his witty charm can get him out of everything, but that is not so. This may not be one of James's positive abilities, but it is certainly one to be mentioned.

Negative abilities aside, James is a very good duellist and apt at Transfiguration. He is very clever, even though he does not seem show it much. He is a skilled Quidditch player, earning the position of Chaser for the Gryffindor team. He has fast reflexes, which may aid him in his spell casting.

More on James's abilities:

Animagus: James was able to become an Animagus at the age of fifteen. He had incredible skill in using this ability and could turn into the form of a stag. He often used this ability to visit his friend, Remus Lupin, during the time of his transformation into a werewolf.

Duelling: James is a skilled duellest alongside his best friend, Sirius Black. He taught himself most spells involving defence and offence. He often learnt spells to taunt others within the school, especially his rival, Severus Snape. Even though James can come across as a trouble maker, he is skilled with the wand at the best of times.

Quidditch: James is a skilled Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He has excellent reflexes, which gives him the advantage over others, which don't have them same. He can pass and catch the Quaffle during the fastest of Quidditch matches. He even demonstrated in catching a Snitch, when he was playing with the Quidditch supplies one day.

Patronus charm: James taught himself how to cast a Patronus charm, which is useful against Dementors. His form is a stag, which is the male form of the deer. Lily Evans, his love interest, has a doe, the female form. He can conjure up enough happy thought to dispel most Dementors that appear close by.

Charms: James is good at charms, as he and his friends, Sirius, Remus and Peter, crafted the Marauder's Map. They did this as teenagers and therefore, James's charms skill came into it's own. Not many teenagers at Hogwarts could perform such a feat.

Transfiguration: James's wand was good for Transfiguration, as it was crafted from mahogany and is very pliable. An excellent wand for Transfiguration. His wand helped with him in the transformation into his Animagus form. Even his friend, Remus Lupin, said that becoming an Animagus was tricky, as lots can go wrong.

First Person: Here:



Third Person:

James heard the referee's whistle blow with a shrill scream through the air, as the Quaffle was released. This always made him feel on top of the world, high atop the ground on his broomstick. He pushed his broom forwards with nimble accuracy and speed, as he saw a Slytherin Chaser diving forward to catch it. He was faster and managed to snatch the red ball in his right arm and tuck it close to his chest. The Slytherin Beaters were doing their best to whack the Bludgers straight at James, as he was in possession of the Quaffle. He gave a nod to the other Gryffindor Chaser, as he passed the Quaffle quickly. He caught the red ball with accuracy and zoomed on forwards. James felt something close by his head, as he narrowly avoiding another Bludger. Bloody Slytherins. They were determined to knock his head off with the Bludgers. James dived with his broom, as the other Chaser threw him the Quaffle back. A Slytherin Chaser smacked into James, just as he caught the Quaffle. He narrowed his eyes at the big brute of a boy, before placing his whole body against his broom. He launched himself forwards, throwing the Quaffle straight past the Keeper and through the ring.

"Take that, you slimy gits." James whispered to the Slytherin team. There was a roar of applause from the crowd when James scored. He hoped that Lily Evans was there within the Gryffindor stands, cheering him on. He didn't have time to think, as the Slytherin team were soon in possession of the Quaffle. James turned his broom around and went to intercept the Slytherin Chaser in possession. He felt nimble within the air, like a bird almost. He was skilled at what he did best and nothing could beat the feel of the air whipping through his hair, or the euphoria of scoring a goal.

He caught up with the Slytherin holding the Quaffle and aimed to smash into his side. The Slytherin boy shot an evil glance at James, whilst zooming forwards on his broom. James had a decent racing broom, as his family wasn't short of a few Galleons. He urged his broom onwards towards his goal and managed to bash sideways into the Slytherin Chaser. The impact knocked him to the left, as his grip loosened on the Quaffle. James quickly dived under the Slytherin and grabbed the Quaffle, which was falling to the floor. He snatched it with a fast reflex action and tucked it under his right arm. Zooming forwards, he kicked his broom to encourage more speed and threw with all his might at the goal post. The Slytherin Keeper dived to the left to catch it, but James had thrown it to the right. The Keeper missed and the Quaffle went in with a satisfying "ding." More applause from the red and gold stands. He smirked and gave the Slytherin Keeper a wink, before turning around and flying towards the centre of the stadium.

He looked upwards to see the Gryffindor Beaters giving a nod to James, before pelting a Bludger towards the Slytherin Beaters. Still no sign of the Snitch. Gryffindor were twenty points to nil and so far. It was going well. James felt a blast of air pass him, as he looked to see who flew past him in a green blur. It was the Slytherin Seeker, Regulus Black. Sirius Black's brother. Sirius, who was James's best friend at school, didn't get on at all with his brother. Sirius was disowned from the family at sixteen, so it was understandable that there wasn't much brotherly love. Regulus gave James a long, hard stare, before flying high up to try and spot the Snitch.

James was back in action once more, as the other Gryffindor Chaser was in possession of the Quaffle. He passed the ball quickly to James, who snatched it in mid-air. He felt someone smash into his left shoulder. A Slytherin Chaser had smashed into him from the side. The other Slytherin Chaser was on his other side. Right. James snarled, as pain well up in his shoulder. They were trying to block him in! He was still in possession, so pushed his broom for an extra burst of speed. The Slytherin Chaser to his left elbowed him in the face, which caused James to drop the Quaffle. He placed a hand over his injured eye and cursed loudly. Now, Slytherin took advantage of their dirty tactics and slammed home a goal of their own, straight past the Gryffindor Keeper. James swore loudly and hit his broomstick. Surely, the referee would have seen that?! But she did nothing and signalled the game to carry on.

The match carried on without any other incidents, as Slytherin finally caught up with Gryffindor's score. Fifty to Gryffindor and Fifty to Slytherin. James preyed that the Snitch would appear soon, so that the Gryffindor Seeker could catch it. "Come on. Where are you?" He ducked, as another Bludger was sent his way by the Slytherin Beaters. There. He saw the Snitch flash passed his eyes, as then a blur of red whip past him. He smirked to himself, as his team had seen it first. Regulus, the Slytherin Seeker, was still watching the skies, before noticing the flash of red and a well-trained Seeker bearing down on the Snitch. Regulus zoomed past James and went to smash into the right side of the Gryffindor Seeker. It was neck on neck to make it to the little, zooming ball. James knew that if his team caught the Snitch, the game would be over. Gryffindor would win Two hundred points to Fifty, as the Snitch was worth One hundred and Fifty points. He grabbed the Quaffle from the other Chaser and tried not to focus on the Seekers too much. He was still a Chaser at the end of the day and needed to perform to score more points. Just in case neither side caught the Snitch. James hurled the Quaffle back to the other Chaser, right over the Slytherin Chaser's head. A neat shot. Then, it was all over. The whistle sounded, as the Snitch had been caught.

A tremendous cheer erupted from the Gryffindor stand. They had won. The Gryffindor Seeker was muddied from falling off his broom, but had the Snitch safety within his palm. The Slytherin team swore to one another, as they lowered to the ground in defeat. Regulus's face was dark with anger and disappointment. James punched the air and did a loop-de-loop, hoping to impress Evans, if she was watching. He felt a tingling feeling inside his stomach at the victory. This was what it was all about. Another good match over all.
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001- James meets an older version of Sirius within the Leaky Cauldron on a blind date:

002- James wakes up in bed with Severus Snape:

003- James meets Hermione in the corridor, only wearing his underwear:


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